Do I need a mixer or percision adder for CV? (e.g. adding an envelope to pitch cv)

Using the modmatrix or another method, is it possible to send an envelope to the pitch CV of another track? For example, use one track for gate/pitch to make a bassline and then use another track to trigger an envelope modulating pitch to create a kick as well with the same voice. Or, will I need to use an external unity mixer/percision adder to do this? Thanks!

There’s a couple of ways to do it.

To mix them as you said you need to do, add the ENV effect and then set the destination to pitchbend. To increase the strength of that, go into Track Settings > CV Out and adjust the pitchbend amount. Weirdly, as you increase it the base note will drop. Not sure why - probably to get around the +5v CV out limit by lowering the base pitch.

If you want to keep them separated but connected (eg: you want to send the envelope to a filter) set up a 2 voice Note + Aftertouch Tracks and point the ENV effect to Aftertouch. Then the pitchbend will be sent there.

And because you can add multiple effects to a track, you could set up both methods and get the best of both worlds.

Love H+!!