Do anyone think that "Track Mute Groups" is a good feature?

I asked this in the pyramid wish list post but nobody responded so i made this it’s own topic. So before I sent Squarp a new feature request I want to see what other thought of this idea & hopefully make this feature even better!

Would it be possible to have a feature like “track mute groups”?
-in order to mute multiple tracks at the same time with the 2 options of muting either:
a) 1 (or more) “master mute track”
-meaning if you have 6 tracks in mute group 1, only tracks assigned as a “master mute track” will mute all 6 tracks at the same time where as a “non-master mute track” in mute group 1 will only mute it self.

b) muting any track in a mute group will mute all tracks in that mute group.

This would be great for playing live as you could kind of make a sequence within a sequence making the given 32 sequences more flexible.

OK, so I reply so that at least you have an input :wink:
For sure your proposal make sense and would a cool feature. But having in mind that the hardware memory and computing power is not infinite and so that is for the user interface (screen, pads, buttons etc.), the balance between cool features for all scenarios and features that add musical value to the tool might be tricky for the Squarp team.
There is already lot of flexibility to play or mute musical parts with tracks, patterns and sequences. So I would personally not put it as first prio for new features (but I am no Squarp dev, nor have I a single clue about such tidy hardware programing). To work around this particular need, maybe one could try pyramid with external controler (see pyramid

I think I understand what you are proposing, although I get lost in part of the explanation.

Are you aware you can achieve a similar effect by using PyraMIDI and a controller that allows you to send multiple MIDI messages and/or an Event Processor or similar device?

I’m intentionally avoiding the neuroatypical blahblahblah, so apologies for the terse reply.

What part don’t you understand so I can break it down for you & others who may not get it?

Yes I’m aware of this but it would be nice if Track mute groups could be done just on the pyramid the way the MPC with jjos handles track mute groups:

Read the Track mute group section which basically says that when your in the track mute widow each track can be assigned a number (1-9) so any track that has the same number when pressed will be muted/unmuted at the same time.

So if u have multiple tracks even in different track banks they can all be muted/unmuted at the same time live without using external devices. Also being able to record the mutes/unmutes into the sequencer like the MPC would really be amazing for song building. In order to do that I guess Squarp would have to add a track mute section in the step editor like the MPC did.

I hope I didn’t confuse u even more but if there’s anything you didnt understand let me know & I’ll break it down.

I would just send the request directly to Squarp, and discuss it with the devs.

sure basic idea sounds reasonable (we have no idea if its possible as we do not have access to the code)

but really, it all comes down to if squarp think its a good idea, and if they believe its something they can effectively implement - they may also have ideas about how this could be achieved, or may have already been considering something similar.

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I will send a request to Squarp but like I wrote in my first post i want to get feedback from the community to hopefully make the idea better.

It is a good feature. though I am fine using workarounds to do the same and if was was to prioritize, it might not* come on the top of my list (but as techno bear says this is Squarp team call), if it would be there I would surely use it! *edit (my first sentence said the opposite)

my suspicion is, there is a lot of work to make this feature really work.
some how squeezing into the UI - so that users can see whats going on,
(without introducing unnecessary complexity and yet more preferences :wink: )
ensuring that mute sychronisation works (with tracks of different lengths/timings)
ensuring it interfaces properly with the sequencer. (which is based around individual track mutes)

I personally dont think id use it…
generally, Im happy hitting multiple tracks on the track view to mute mutliple tracks at once - we have sync’d mutes anyway, so timing doesn’t have to be perfect.

if i wanted to do this ‘one button control’, as Creepy said, Id just use an external midi controller, and use pyramidi to achieve a similar result.

so honestly, i like the idea, but personally there are quite a few other things id prioritise over it.

I get what your saying about making it work for the “current” Pyramid but I was seeing what others thought about this feature in general so maybe it’s something they could add to a potential next model.

BTW to add to my first post;
mute type option c) Track Bank Mute.
=All tracks of the same number in each track bank gets muted/umuted, so if u mute/umute T01A tracks T01B/T01C/T01D gets muted/umuted as well.
Useful if u layer sounds on different banks but want to quickly in real-time mute/umute the strings section.

Thanks for your input

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