Diy metronome with env or gate


Hey! I remember one of us created a physical metronome that clicks,using the Env out of the pyramid. I used Google and searched the forum, but couldn’t find it. I would love to try this solution!

Thanks, Jasper


I’d really like to know about this too.


Here’s a video. I believe that it was made by forum member @pb21:


@Doclamb0 also refers to this feature here:


Thanks! I was referring (not so clearly) to a post I remember of someone who made a special hardware clicking unit, to be plugged into the pyramid voltage outputs. It made a metronome noise outside of the speakers, so to speak. It involved a little piezzo element, if recalled correctly. It’s a feature I really miss on the pyramid. Remember that Atari ping… :wink:


This is cool, I was also curious about the external clicking metronome device, but regarding using it as a trigger out that’s pretty cool too.

FYI: You can assign the ENV out to DIN Sync, and set it to be anything from Sync 1 to Sync 24 and higher. I clock a lot of different things with this using a mult and it’s really solid and reliable.