Divisions Per Track

I just got my Hapax and I’m learning my way around it. I’ve been looking everywhere, both in the manual and on this forum for an answer to my question: is it possible to run different divisions on each track? I want to be able to run one track at 1/16 and another at 1/4 for example. With the Oxi One, this is a simple operation. But I haven’t been able to find a way to do this with the Hapax. Maybe I’m misreading something somewhere. Is is this possible?

(secondary track settings)

You can use track elasticity (hit the BPM button, edit the percentage). As far as I know with the current firmware you can only set this in terms of percentage, so can’t just flick through fixed options like 1/4, 1/8 etc, but the upside is you have access to every option in between.

This would be great. I’ve also put in a feature request for the track elasticity where if you turn the encoder while holding 2nd it would jump to “musical” percentages (50%, 66.66%, 75%, 80%, etc…).

One thing I have noticed, however, is that percentages under 100% seem to lock in timing but over 100% and I start to notice a little drift when trying to achieve polymeters that stay sync.

I just started another topic for this; essential feature IMO. Disappointed Hapax doesn’t have such a simple thing already. Is this on the roadmap? I’d like to use time elasticity as a more abstract, Steve Reich thing, but it would be more important to actually play the tracks at different musical divisions. I think it should be separate from the elasticity.

Yeah, I hate to be that guy who says “Sequencer X has this feature, why can’t Hapax?”. But this seems like such a simple ask. Not only does the Oxi One have this option, even the super basic no-frills step sequencer on the Ableton Push allows each track to run on a different division. I hope to see this in a future update. As far as I can tell, time elasticity is a different thing altogether.


Elasticity is exactly the same, except it is in percentages. This has the advantage that you can not only set different fixed divisions, but also everything in between. Just halve the elasticity % to go from 1/16 to 1/8, etc.


I experience quite a bit of drift when using percentages. Polymeters fall apart within a minute of playback, which I assume is due to rounding errors

I wonder if specific clock divisions would help with that

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