Display the note that's playing?

Sometimes I record a jam in Live mode and I want to harmonize with it, but when I’m playing it back I don’t know which note is being played. Is there any way to display the current note during playback?

Does the piano roll work? hit DISP to switch views in each modes…

Piano roll works if I move the “active” key to match the note, which is a manual process. I was looking for something more automated.


I am guessing you are asking for a way to see what notes are being played by the seqencer?
The best I can think from my top of my head is the MIDI out monitor. That will show you the MIDI events that are sent out at that moment.
Settings - > Misc -> MIDI out A/B/USB monitor
I dont think you can do any better with a polyphonic sequencer :wink:

Hope this helps :wink:

Click two time quickly on Step button when you are in step Disp mode and it show you the current note writed…