Disappointed by the lack of updates for Hapax

It’s been nearly 6 months without any update for Hapax. Squarp has been very quiet about what to expect. It’s starting to feel like Hapax has been abandoned. There are too many bugs and broken features to consider the Hapax complete or “finished” yet it seems at this point there is no interest in “fixing” all the problems. I am anticipating a major update that addresses all the issues and introduces new feature requests fulfilled. In its current state Hapax is not worth the price of admission by far. Each time Hapax crashes, fails, or doesn’t work as described it builds on the level of disdain I have for it. I cherished my Hapax in the beginning, now not so much. Anyone else frustrated by the apparent lack of interest in fixing Hapax?


Oh come on. It’s four months since the last update, nothing unusual about such a gap between versions. Chances are a bigger update is exactly what they’re working on. These things take time.


It is unusual considering the version they delivered in the middle of December was buggy, broken, unreliable and incomplete. I expect more. I paid a premium price for what was presumably a top of the line well tested midi sequencer. I have ten year old machines that get updated more frequently than Hapax lol!! I’m not asking for new features that don’t exist I want my Hapax to work reliably and I want ALL the features to work right. These things don’t take THAT long to fix. If it were my product and I knew that that it was broken I wouldn’t sleep until it was fixed. But maybe that’s just me. At the very least fix the bugs or tell us you don’t know how or you can’t. I’m tired of waiting.

Imagine if you bought a luxury vehicle and upon delivery you took it out for a drive. It’s nice out so you want to roll down the window but it doesn’t roll down. So you figure that it’s user error and head towards the dealership to figure out how to roll down your window. And then on the way the you turn on the entertainment system to enjoy some music and then the radio randomly starts switching through stations and different modes and just doing unexpected and undesirable things. And then the vehicle just shuts down in the middle of the road. So you start it up again and everything seems to be working fine but the windows still don’t roll down. So you get to the dealership and explain everything that happened and they tell you to research and diagnose it on your own and then put into writing and send it to us. So you bought your new luxury car in December and now it’s April of the following year and countless new issues and bugs torment you and you haven’t heard anything from the dealer. Something tells me you would be a little disappointed. And justifiably so.

I expected a robust, well tested update to Hapax a long time ago.

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That December release is working fine for many of us.

Dealing with bugs can be infuriating of course. I just recently sold my Blackbox because the one thing I needed it to do kept regressing every which way one version after another. I couldn’t justify wasting my time with it any more so there was exactly that one choice to make, but clearly there are lots of happy Blackbox users around there. Just FWIW.


So are you saying the well known and documented bugs, crashes, and broken/non working features work fine on your Hapax?? Or are you saying they aren’t important to you?

What exactly is not working for you?

I haven’t run into any bugs that would significantly hinder, much less prevent the use of my Hapax. And judging by activity on the forum, I would dare say that goes for the majority of users around here. What I’m saying is that if expectations and reality don’t meet, there’s usually only one satisfactory solution to that.

Also, angry rants don’t make developers want to fix your issues. If anything, to the contrary.


Program change in song mode just doing whatever it wants

Start up into diagnostic mode

Random crashes with light duty projects in play mode or stopped

Chord modes that don’t work as described or just don’t function at all

Saves not saving

Just look around this forum for more issues reported by many other users.

I didn’t pay $1400 to be an unpaid beta tester and un appreciated R&D assistant lol!!

It would be really interesting to find out that these issues impact some Hapax devices and not others :thinking:

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Yo I’m not angry I’m just serious…and disappointed!

Again I ask, are you saying that the well known and documented issues with the latest version of hapax don’t impact your device or are you saying that you are ok with those known problems because it doesn’t impact your workflow or something.

Also are you saying a developer would retaliate against all of its users/customers by not fixing broken software just to spite one single outspoken user?? LMAO

Already told you: I haven’t run into any bugs that would significantly hinder, much less prevent the use of my Hapax.

Of course not. Just that being loud doesn’t necessarily improve reception, you know.


Ive seen just two of them;

The PC issue is a recent one I believe and being looked at by Squarp.

The diagnostic mode is known and easily fixed by rebooting the device.

Did you contact Squarp for any of your issues?


@ pmatilai

I want to know if the known bugs and issues impact your device. I don’t care if it doesn’t bother you during your personal use of your hapax.

You think I’m being loud? I think you are being over protective and super sensitive.

Weak inexperienced users won’t make Hapax great. Experienced users that challenge the limits and expectations make Hapax great!

Peace and love!

@pmatilai , may I ask you if you have access to some sort of beta?

If so, you are not exactly in the same position as other non-invited-to-beta-program costumers.

Anybody could be much more patient if they can see what’s happening on the beta firmwares.

I’m not in any beta programs.

I’m a software engineer though, it gives a different perspective to these things. Given their history of stellar product support, I find it ludicrous to think that Squarp isn’t hard at work to fix bugs and add features. It’s a small company though.


I’m in the middle of both ways of thinking.

I agree and understand what you are saying but also think we still need to be allowed to be unhappy for the pace of updates.

Been overprotectives only leads to diminish the capacity of frustration in my opinion. Almost like with kids, telling them what they do wrong doesn’t mean you don’t love them and they know it.

I do agree there is a lot of overprotecting attitudes in many users even with RFEs which for some people can lead to this feeling of not been heard.

In my opinion, the forums should be excited about hearing and discussing new ideas even if they never make it to the actually code. We shouldn’t be thinking like developers but like users.

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Your perspective as a software engineer is not unique to you. Haven’t you ever been in a situation where the bugs need to be fixed before anyone goes home?

I’ve only expressed frustration with known issues that impact many users. The fact that these known issues don’t impact you personally doesn’t mean they don’t exist! This isn’t about me not getting all the features I want, it’s about the well known issues that haven’t been fixed for a long time! I don’t know why you came here to accuse me of being loud angry and unreasonable, I just want my Hapax to work right and I’m disappointed they haven’t fixed it yet. I asked if anyone else was feeling the same frustration. I didn’t ask if somebody wanted to speak up for software engineers!


Maybe because in the initial post you said:

But whatever, apologies for interfering with your right to rant :wink:

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I said(in the context of how long it’s been since the last update)

And you said

Are we really that different? Is it really that unreasonable to want my existing Hapax features to work right?

Some sort of short list of planned features from requests and some kind of info would be super nice to have.
Have done multiple feature requests and been replied with most of them are already planned and/or requested without any info here :]

So maybe some sort of shortlist of “what planned” would atleast reduce the amount of questions about features etc.

And if any info about time exists it would be cool to know (and just hope that us users understand that timelines can change) :slight_smile: