Disable CC automation?

can i somehow temporarily disable automated CC?


An easy way to accomplish this is to set up a track for notes and another track for cc automation. this way, notes can play and then you can record automation on its own track.

fun tip: Setting the automation and note tracks to different lengths can really bring some liveliness to a simple ostinato.
great for subtle (or not so subtle), polyrhythmic modulations! :slight_smile:


Excellent idea . Many thanks ( my first posting here ) :slight_smile:

great and simple idea! Thanks!

I just copied the pattern notes into another pattern - wich also gives me the possibility to switch between a modulated and not-modulated pattern

yes, using different tracks for automations is the best way to add more possibilities and variations to patterns (with notes only)
personally, I use a whole bank for automation tracks :smiley:
(with the number of the tracks that correspond to the “notes patterns”
so I always know what track it is)

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Feasible to delete automated cc ( undo ) ?