Digitakt program change reacts one bar too late

Opening this again, hope someone can give me some advice. No matter what I do DT always wait one bar (16 steps) until it makes the program change. Have followed every step above and no go. Doesn’t matter if I have the Pyramid on Perform or Play or Loop, the DT is one bar late on the changes…

Please refrain from necroposting.

Wrt your issue, based on a quick google search, it seems to have been a known Digitakt shortcoming for a long time. Make sure you’re on the latest firmware, that might have been fixed by Elektron.

Got that problem when trying to program change from octatrack to digitakt too. Thought it was a elektron problem, and pyramid would be able to do that. Too bad.

I have used the model:samples, and had this issue with it as well. Pretty sure the problem is with Elektron samplers.

Not all Elektron samplers.
I’ve used the OT.
On previous OS I had a workaround to get the device to change patterns on the 1 which would require an Event Processor. Since then I believe they’ve introduced a MIDI Command that allows instant Pattern Changes. (I think - I don’t really use my OT anymore)
Edit to add: I believe MIDI Note#35 acts as a “Restart” command. YMMV

I’d search for solution, but I’m not sure if similar data is applicable to the DT or M:S

However, I would be amazed if there wasn’t a workaround for the DT or the M:S.

Edit again to add: After scanning the manual I’m reminded why I don’t use Elektron equipment and it would seem to me that there is no way to sync DT Patterns. Have you posted your query over on Elektronauts?

Ugh: sorry - one more re: my previous workaround:
If you’re one to use an Event Processor, try sticking a Seq Stop in front of PgmChg, and Seq Start after the Pgm Chg. So, to send a PgmChg of 05 on MIDI Channel 01, what normally is sent is:

C0 05

You tell your Event Processor to listen for that, and replace it with:

FC C0 05 FA

i got rid of my digitakt. this problem was too convoluted and frustrating. for my money, i’d rather have a better machine than a midi processor. i got a toraiz sp16 and it was ok. way too expensive for what it does. eventually got the mpc live 2. the same price as the toraiz but infinitely better. mpc live pretty much killed the sp16. i have to say, i don’t use the squarp or an external sampler or external sequencer anymore. having it all ‘in house’ is way easier and everything just works. full capability. i’m gonna keep my pyramid but maybe for another setup or something.

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