Different effects in different patterns

I need some help here because this issue is making me stupid.
I create different patterns and then I use the scale effect on each one of them.
Let’s say I want pattern 1 with Scale>whole tone; pattern 2 with Scale> Lydian and so on.
It seems that when I enter the mode the last time, all the other patterns take the last modification I made, erasing all my previous work.
So for example if my last pattern, let’s say pattern 4, is Scale>Pentatonic, pattern 1 will be now in Scale >Pentatonic.

I feel like I’m going crazy.

Hi @dobar

By default, values are shared on all patterns.
What you’re looking for are “pattern values” (Hermod+ Manual | Squarp instruments)
These allow you to set a specific value for each specific pattern

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Thank you for your help, that’s a life saver!