Different clocks for each track?

Hey everyone,

Newb question. I can’t figure out how to set different clocks for each track on Hermod. Seems like a trivial thing, but I couldn’t find anything on the manual about it.

In my current patch I’m using a clock from the 4MS sampler (end of loop), going to Hermod input A. Track 1 on Hermod plays on that clock, and I want the second track to play 1/4 of that original clock. That’s possible, right?


No not possible, much to my disappointment too i have put a request in maybe do the same. It would be a great feature to have.

So I have found a workaround. The reason I wanted a different clock was because I used the keystep sequencer, and it would start as soon as I play Hermod. It’d work for the first track, but when on the 2nd track I’d like a different clock division it’d play the same as the first (of course :man_facepalming:).

Solution. I simply recorded the keystep pattern into hermod. Then start working on the 2nd track.

If you just want to have a clock division you have to add the steps the way you want them inside the track. Working with the internal Arpeggiator and euclidean feature you can create all sorts of interesting patterns… :grin:

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