Differences between MK1 and MK2?

Hi all.
What are the differences between MK1 and MK2 versions?

  • more robust aluminium housing and screen protector

  • updated screen printing

  • bigger touchpad

I believe that’s it.

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Many thanks for the quick reply.

So this is a tricky question. Because… There are actually 3 versions out there now.

First batch of MK1 also had a accelerometer built in. So you could physicaly do acrobatics with the unit and that would do something inside the UI. Novel idea. This was ditched after the first batch.

So a year later MK2 came along. Which is a cosmetical update.
I believe the touchpad is not bigger, but only recessed. They did it for a “better feeling” where the touchpad is without having to look at it. And yes, MK2 has a plastic screen protector, new housing and new text prints. But internally it is 100% the same.

So any actual internal differences are between the first batch (with the accelerometer) and all the rest. But first batch and all other MKI are 100% the same from the outside. And MK2 is just a cosmetic upgrade.

All in all there is literally no difference. Just get one. :wink:

yes I didn’t talk about the very first version which is almost a “limited edition” now :smiley:
(100 first units)

mine comes from the first batch but I have never used the accelerometer…
indeed it was a novel idea, but not sure this is indispensable on a hardware sequencer…
(I don’t want to do some acrobatics with my Pyramid :p)

pretty sure the touchpad is a bit bigger on the mk2 though…



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Im not convinced. Run your finger around your touchpad. You can feel how far it will reach, you might be surprised. And also you can assign something to it and see how far it registers events.

it looks like the touchpad goes down lower on the mk2 (below the encoders) but maybe you’re right because that does not mean that it is the whole “usable” area
it may be just visual
anyway, I prefer the MK1 design :stuck_out_tongue:

…and, actually, I find that the grid on the touchpad is very helpful…so…another point for the mk1 I guess…

I like to keep my stuff nice and clean. I dont use the touchpad that much and mk1 touchpad means just one less nook and cranny for dust and dirt. :wink:

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yes I agree
same here

I have MK1 with Accelerometer…but now is disabled in the OS???

I also have the version with the accelerometer
and indeed it seems to be the case …
I had never noticed before (I never used it)

I forgot the accelerometer feature but in the begin I use it and is quite funny…I like to have re active

Accelerometer? Really?
I do have the version with the metal case - is it still there?

Look up. :slight_smile: