Did your Hapax come with a TRS MIDI dongle adapter?

I had recently received my Hapax after waiting ~4 months. The unit looks amazing. The box included the sequencer, AC power adapter, SD card, a quickstart guide & small reference card, but no MIDI TRS dongle adapter. And oddly there was no plastic film protecting the displays. It came straight from Squarp.

Yeah should have come with one. Email Squarp, they probably forgot to put it in.

Yea, that’s what I figured. Don’t mean to come across sounding petty especially since it’s a relatively inexpensive item. Makes me wonder if there’s anything else that should have been included (which was why I listed all items).

Thanks Loz.

Yeah, everything else looks ok. I cannot remember if I got a USB cable or not, as I used an existing one, and have so many already.

Contact Squarp and I’ll bet they’ll just post you a dongle.

It’s pretty trivial, but just as another data point, my June arrival HAPAX also did not have to screen protector film. Everything else was there though, which is more important, IMO

Same here no TRS midi cable. I was assuming there wasn’t meant to be one because there doesn’t seem to be any definite list of contents anywhere.

should be in there, there is a package contents listed on the website (when you order)

Screenshot 2022-07-15 at 13.59.08

so unless, this changed at some point, I’d say its likely a ‘packaging’ oversight.

please contact squarp via the contact form

note: (for information only)
if you want to get an additional one, they are pretty easy/cheap to get hold of they are called TRS A midi adapters.
TRS-A is the adopted midi standard, so sometimes this will be left off description - but be careful, since there are also older TRS-B versions that wont work (without adaptation :wink: )

also, if you have other equipment with TRS-A IO, its good to get some TRS-TRS cables, so you can connect without having to go via DIN.
(again, be careful its TRS-A, if its TRS-B, you will need a ‘cross over cable’, though easy to create one if you have a spare cable and can do a tiny bit of soldering - just switch ring and tip)

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Well, I ordered beginning of march and wasn’t on back order, too far back for me too remember what it listed hence I wasn’t sure and no list of contents when it arrived (be nice if it was on the box or user guide), so I just looked at the specification onsite specifies a power supply(included).

Already have contacted support and got a quick reply, so all good.

Had to dig about to find the info on that as I have Beatstep pros which are type b’s.
Nice that the BitBox micro I have supports both TRS A/B oout of the box.

For info: Type B are used by Arturia, Novation, and most Eurorack people (definitely Make Noise and Pittsburgh Modular) and almost everyone else uses Type A.

Type A is the official MIDI standard, but it was a bit lawless for a while.

Retrokits do some nice dual use plugs: https://retrokits.com/shop/rk-minimidi/
and some switching dongles TRS-A to TRS-B Dongle - Retrokits

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Thank you all for the info. Support did get back to me and said they’ll be shipping out the dongle. So if you’re also missing one be sure to reach out to Support as thetechnobear & Loz suggests ( please contact squarp via the contact form )

And they also shared they had to remove the protective covering in house to properly clean the displays before shipping units out. Mystery solved.

Thank you all for the suggestions and guidance.

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This is a bit off-topic but thank you @thetechnobear for putting together the tutorial videos. I look forward for more :slight_smile: (hint hint)