Diatonic transposition using Pyramid

Hi all,

how do you guys approach transposition using Pyramid?

If I write sequences, and use the Master transpose, it will offset the pitches by the specified amount, but it will go out of scale, as the scale FX on the track seems to be applied before the transposition.

I’d like to move the sequence around within the scale, any idea how to do that?

The only way I thought so far was of controlling the Scaler automation instead, but I would have to map controllers for each track’s scaler, as I don’t think I can have one controller mapped to more parameters.

Anyway, curious if anybody else tried this…


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I realize it’s not a complete solution, but the 5th parameter of the scale FX allows you to transpose the track notes - maybe you could find a way of utilizing this?

hey thanks for your reply, indeed that’s what I was referring to as “scaler automation”, didn’t remember it was the 5th param.

Maybe it can be done this way:

  • map each track scaler 5th param to a midi CC
  • sequence the correct midi CC value on another sequencer (sl mk3)

This way, switching sequence on the SL MK3 would change all the track scale transposition, which is something I could trigger live.

I’ll try this out and report back…