Deluge going open-source

Just ran across this bit of news, Deluge is to go open-source in June:

It’ll be interesting to see how that goes…


i don’t code myself but encouraged by the idea that features currently missing on Deluge like all of the MIDI FX implementation on Pyramid or Hapax could basically be replicated in some form by somebody who can?

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In principle yes. Whether any particular thing is reasonably implementable within the Deluge architecture is a whole other question though, time will tell.

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Nice! Here’s to hoping that Squarp will do the same with Pyramid.

open source firmware has saved a couple of my synths, true story.

Like I have already offered to the Squarp team, I would happily contribute to the Hapax if it was possible, just as a guy who like coding and hardware and sees Hapax as the most promising platform. But it’s definitely a big decision for a team to do so.

Which one?
I think it is a cool move by Synthstrom. We ll see if there will be a chinese cheap Deluge, I doubt it hardware gets copied more often. I havent seen much coming from open sourced hardware, Mutable or xoxbox are rather exceptions.
Open source does not come free. You need an internal dev for feedback and quality control.

Maybe Rohan or Jamie Fenton will lead the open source dev.
Possibly Deluge makes some parts easy to implement, like different fx algos.
Hoping for the best but I dont think it will be more than a few improvements, not a Deluge 5.0

Yea for me it was the twisted electrons megafm . I couldn’t get the main firmware updates on it for the life of me. I had bricked it but the bootloader was intact. after a couple years the community fixed a bunch of bugs so i went back and tried again. It worked!

with twisted electrons i mean its like one dude making super boutique synths. he’s a super nice guy but he’s supporting like 15 synths and I often have issues with them due to software bugs. Now that a couple sytnhs have been picked up by the community, they’ve gotten a ton of bug fixes and enabled new synth features. Like, at least for twisted electrons, its felt like a huge win.

It’s going to be more than a few improvements. Synthstrom shut down feature requests two years ago. There’s a long wish list of stuff to be implemented once the development protocols get sorted out

(bigger question for Deluge users is what to do when things like the Push 3 drop, but even that one doesn’t have an arranger mode so for now it’s not really a question. eventually there will probably be something that does all the things Deluge does in a more user-friendly package with better specs)

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