Deleting notes + CC on a track?

Hi, just got a Hermod and wondering how I delete a recording I made (ie clear all notes and CC data on the selected track) without clearing all my track settings/effects.

Surely this is possible?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Step - > encoder -> delete all events

funny, hadn’t noticed the manual is very ‘light’ in this area. it comes under ‘pattern menu’,
but the manual does details those options.

very Eurorack style … self discovery :wink:

Awesome :grin:

It would be super useful (for me at least) to have a shortcut for this! I do improvising/looping live and continually need to wipe tracks in order to start another one.

But this helps heaps, thanks!

Perhaps use a fresh sequence?

I agree, I do entirely live recording and looping and being able to very easily clear out a track would be super useful. As it’s currently implemented, it can be a quite a bit of cognitive load to replace a track with new contents!

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Yes I’ll look into this if i want a complete change. But usually I’m only changing single tracks/loops at a time as it evolves.

Yeah you’re like me… i need very quick single handed gestures to make things really flow!

Since you’ve had some experience with live looping etc on the Hermod. Any other tips for setting up my default sequence?
I was hoping to do looping where it sets the length of the loop to the nearest beat/bar but it seems this can only be done if hermod is master, not slave, correct?

I can probably change my setup to get around this though.

Is there a specific place we can make a request for next Firmware update? Or do devs read all these :sunglasses:

Use the contact form on the Squarp website.

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