Delete all notes without deleting track

Is there any easy/quick way to delete all notes on a track with Pyramid? I usually just delete the track but that removes fx, and sets the length to default which frequently isnt what i want. I just want to clear all the notes.
It seems like this should exist, and maybe its obvious, but i cant figure it out!

which mode are you deleting the Track? using the Delete command in Live or Step modes just erases the notes for a given Step or Live set of bar(s) but FX settings remain, afaik


I’m usually doing it in Track mode: 2nd->delete->(select track).
Just testing your suggestion now…
It looks like in step mode it will delete all the notes in the current bar with 2nd->delete, and in live mode delete all notes across all bars.
So i think deleting in live mode is what i want - thanks!


in step mode hold all and press delete - deletes all notes in all pages

oh we’re on the Pyramid :slight_smile: - forget what i said

Small precision as I was testing this.

In Step mode, 2nd+Delete will delete what you see on the 16 steps (that is note or Fx automation or Cc automation). So you need to zoom out first if your pattern is longer than 1 bar.

In Live mode, 2nd+Delete will delete notes and FX automation and Cc automation.

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