Delete a bar in middle of track?

Howdy all,

Just got my Hapax yesterday. I’m enjoying it quite a bit!

Is there a quick way to delete (cut) a bar out of the middle of a track?

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not directly that I’m aware of, though in Song Mode reducing the number of bars that a given Section is set to run does “delete” the last bar(s) of the Section

would be handy to have insert/delete with Patterns as well

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Thanks for the info, Chris.

I found a work around mentioned on the Pyramid forum – zoom out, delete the bar, and shift remaining bars leftward. It seems a little inelegant. I hope this is something that can be address in an OS update along w/insert as you suggested.

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I sent a request to the developer about this some time ago!

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yep we also need duplicate bars. Simple stuff not added.

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to be fair im very impressed with whats here now. that sounds like something they could add. im also interested in this


Sorry if this is wrong, I delete bars by going into step view, holding where the bar starts, tapping the end of the bar (to select it) and pressing delete.

When that’s done you can select the remaining bars the same way and move them left with the left key.

You can copy and paste bars or sections using the same method.

using the - + to zoom in makes this really quick.

Hopefully that does help, I love the Hapax.

Oops, just noticed this was already mentioned, my bad