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I was just gifted an A4000–so I’m not quite ready to publish the actual def file.

As I study the MIDI implementation, it appears that MUCH is left to the user to configure. In the case of the A4000 there seems to also be a context switch in that there is a difference between what seems to be a “performance mode” and a “sample mode.”

So I wanted to reach out first as to… would it even be useful for me to define some of this up front as many of these decisions will be made and edited by people in their own setups? Pretty much only a handful of CC’s are predefined under CC #10, and then another handful between 120-127. Everything else is fully MIDI-definable.

As to why I’m asking for community input here–If I post a def file for the A4000, I’m more or less defining in advance what all the CC destinations will be. In which case, I’d likely select 30 params that I’d frequently edit to be higher up on the list. But then I sorta feel like I’m pushing my opinion out as fact.

to be clear, you saying most of the CCs are kind of ‘user definable’ on the A4000…
something like, each CC can be mapped to a particular A4000 parameter?
so the mapping is not predefined. (even on a factory default?)

therefore, every user might have something different?

if, Im understanding correctly, Id say the usefulness of sharing then comes down to a couple of factors:

  • is what you’re sharing a ‘common’ setup, or something that others are likely to use?
  • does it require any setup on the A4000 to make this definition useful ?

If so, then I guess it can be useful … with some proviso’s

I’d probably call it something like “A4000 - industrialist setup” (or similar) , to as you say point out its a personal setup , rather than a generic setup.
you could also then post multiple setups, if you are using different ones.

If you need the A4000 to be configured in a particular way, then Id say its only useful IF you are able to also share that configuration … so that the definition file can be made to ‘easily work’

if thats not possible, I guess some documentation that explains what is setup where… but if thats a whole load of work for the other user… does seem to buy them much ?!

but hey, if its clearly labelled, and users are told what needs to be done… they can choose if its useful or not :slight_smile:

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So the manual seems clear that the A4k defaults to nothing at all for the 68 or so parameters it tracks CC messages for.

So judging by this, if I can create a default program mapping on the A4k, share that sysex with the corresponding def file here.

The manual specifies “CC messages per program,” and then “per sample or sample banks.” I’m not seeing anywhere that this can be set up globally (yet.) This would be unfortunate when loading up old samples for sure. But I suppose, I’d have to map it to my controller anyway ROFL.

I don’t get it until tomorrow. Once I’ve got it set up I’ll poke a bit more here and see what’s possible.