Definition note names not shown? SOLVED

SOLVED: MacOS TextEdit replaced the line breaks in spaces, although they were shown as returns on the screen. i.e. NAME:JOMOX OUT:B CHANNEL:9 12:LTTUNE

In stead I used Word (Mac) and saved as .txt with the options in the save dialog that followed: Other code: “Western (ASCI)” and specify line brakes as “CR/LF”.


Hi, I’m a new MK3 owner and pulling my hear out about the way my left hand is always blocking the LCD screen when I turn the main encoder. Its position should be on the left or just above the screen. I guess there is already been said a lot about the bad ergonomics? (I’m sorry Squarp, but it’s a huge design flaw imho).

I’ve created an definition file (based upon the JoMoX Air Base 99, but in all caps and no spaces) and it does show up in the CALL menu but when I scroll thru the notes in STEP or LIVE mode and DISP, all I see is C2 C2# etc.
Where are these note names suppose to be visible please? Thank you.

EDIT: I’v created the file in MacOS Text editor and saved as Unicode (UTF-8).