Definition files on Pyramid

I am reading that you can only load 16 instrument definition files at a time, but considering the 3 midi output ports with 16 channels each, it would be nice to be able to include more. I have 9 midi instruments/FX which isn’t an issue, but I have 6 midi-cv converters that can each output on 4 midi channels each. It would be nice to label the cv output names for each device instead of creating a generic definition file for the converter. My goal is to have the 1Voct, gate and cv1 and cv2 names based on their permanent input patch and make definition files for each channel(6converters x 4 channels=24 definition files). I may be able to consolidate down to 6 definition files for the cv converters if I configure things differently but i’ll lose some flexibility and separation(not ideal as the pitch and gates for the 4 channels will not be independent). Either way, wanted to put in a request to expand the amount of definition files you can load per project.

For the time being I’m using channel 0 and generic names for each midi-cv interface, but would love to add the details of what the cv is controlling as I keep my patches permanent. Multitimbral definitions are a workaround but gives me less flexibility in how my cc’s are named ultimately.