Definition file+multiple midi ch?


If I want to create a definition file for cc msgs and program changes, but it is on a synth I sometimes use on only one midi ch/sometimes multi ch, how would I go about setting that up in the txt file?

Unfortunately Pyramid’s tracks (and ergo definition files) are only capable of sending MIDI to one channel at a time.

What is your use-case for the multichannel stuff? If it’s multi-timbrality, then you can just have multiple definition files for each MIDI channel, which is what I have for my Nord Modular and my MC-101.

If it’s for sometime like a drum machine or sampler, that has one channel per track, then have a look at the Retrokits RK-002 - -which has a little CPU in one end, which you can program (or use an existing program) to filter multiple channels into one for triggers, etc. I bought mine years ago to solve the Volca Sample issue of being one channel per track, when I wanted to sequence it one a single track on the Pyramid.

There are other, much fancier (and expensive) ways of doing this, but the RK-002 did me very well.

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Thanks! It is for multi timbrality

I am having a hell of a time calling the definition files. I just updated the firmware and it works fine, but my “call” button when I press 2nd+Track is greyes out, regardless of how I alter the load definition settings.

Any ideas? To be clear, this was also happening prior to the firmware update

I don’t have my Pyramid anymore, sadly, so cannot check.

You’ll have to jog my memory… are you trying to load a definition file you’ve created, or you’ve loaded it and then things aren’t working?

All I can say is that I had one definition for each MIDI channel, all identical, apart from the channel for each bit of the synth.

Trying to load any def file…ones I’ve made, ones users have made etc…

Not sure then. I never had any issues on the last firmware. But don’t have my Pyramid anymore to check the process, but according to the manual - Pyramid Manual | Squarp instruments - you have to press 2nd+Track, then move the highlighted menu item (with the main encoder - right, one ‘click’) to “Call” and then push the main encoder, and they should display in a list. Does that work?

The square where “v
Call” should be is consistently greyed out :-/

Are your .txt files in the root of your SD card?

Yea. I actually finally got it working after reformatting the sd card with a diff program than macs disk utility…mysterious but not one to argue with results

Glad you got it sorted!

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