Definition file filters

Hi there,
I’m curious to know if the filters defined by ‘definition files’ also filters out the recording of the parameters, so you don’t end up recording unwanted CC’s on your track. I’m currently using multiple channels to feed my synth, but thinking of splitting my defs up so that one channel handles some of the cc’s (thinking ENV) and another channel handles some others (thinking FILTER), so that I always know which channels to mute when some certain modulations should stop.

Hope you get the picture - I haven’t had the time to mess around with this yet, but hopefully some of you have. I’m hoping the CC/NOTE filters work this way,

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Ok, been playing around now… and it seems it’s not filtering, only visually, which is ok.

I’m still trying to have two similar def files but with different CC’s in them, but it seems like it messes each files defs up. I’ve even tried with different file names and names inside the file.
Anybody got experiences with this? It seems like it’s because it’s on the same midi out channel, which I need them to be.

That’s not going to work. You will need to remove and re-install the second file when you need it, or combine the two sets of CC labels into one definition file.

What are you actually trying to do with your MIDI devices?

It was mostly to have less cc messages to choose from. When playing live, I’d just like to have a set per channel so I know that when I mute a specific channel I know what modulations I’m muting/unmuting.
I can see a way of doing it by using something like the Midipal, to have defs for channels A1-A16 and then sending them out to merge them to the same channel. At the moment I use a bank for each synth, so that I have a lot of patterns I can overdub with.
Hope that makes sense :slight_smile: