Default Trackmute Delay - am I missing something?

First what we would like to achieve:

in order to mute/unmute a track at the end of a current Bar (e.g. 16 steps, when track length is set to 1 Bar/16 steps), we just hit the pad during those 16 steps (1 Bar), and the track will be muted/unmuted at the end of those 16 steps. This should be the case, when ‘Default Trackmute Delay’ (in Settings-Misc) is set to ‘1 Bar’ or ‘Seq Perform’, when that is set to ‘1 Bar’.

Am I right so far?

(To be clear about the term ‘Bar’: I’m talking about what the display says when adjusting the length of the track, e.g. 1 Bar/16 steps - at other places a Bar is called a Measure).

So now the problem which occurs in our setup: unfortunately when muting tracks, and ‘Default Trackmute Delay’ is set to ‘1 Bar’, the Pyramid suddenly doesn’t count the whole Bar (16 steps), the same Bar, which is set in track length settings, but only a BEAT (4 steps), after which it mutes/unmutes the track. It seems I cannot set it to mute a track automatically at the end of a whole Measure (16 steps), no matter, what I set in ‘Default Trackmute Delay’ and/or Seq Mode. When setting it to ‘2 Bars’ or ‘4 Bars’ or whatever, it doesn’t mute/unmute automatically at the end of the current measure, but after the set number of ‘Bars’ (which here seem to be 4 steps), which requires our attention at which point we hit the track pad during the current measure to avoid muting/unmuting at the wrong point.

What are we missing or doing wrong here? What would be the right setting?


Howdy there!

I might be 100% wrong (its still 6am)… but … I think you are right, about everything!
Could you please contact Squarp so they can verify this.

Thanks for your reply, joosep, I will do that, although I’m confident, that someone at Squarp has an eye on the forum. But who knows.

In short, in Pyramid Os a ‘Bar’ seems to be different things, depending on the menu you are in. At least that’s true for the two menues I mentioned: in Track mode/Track length it is a complete measure (16 steps), In Settings/Misc/Default Trackmute Delay it seems to be a Beat (4 steps), which is quite inconvenient and uncommon.

So please, all you ingenius guys (seriously) at Squarp, take a look at this one Thanks!

Could please anybody confirm this behavior. Thanks. Maybe there’s something wrong with our copy of the Pyramid or it’s a case of incorrect handling.

I thought I did! :wink:

Witnessed the same when I tried it :slight_smile:

Thank you, joosep! I’ve sent it to Squarp, no reaction so far. But they certainly have a lot to do, so we wait a bit.

Doesn’t Trig mode fix your issue? Then the track would start at the beginning when it’s unmuted then stop playing after it finishes. Maybe I’m misunderstanding your issue?

I don’t know exactly what you mean by ‘Trig mode’. I know it from Elektron gear, but we are talking Squarp Pyramid here (have I missed something again?..). Maybe I’m wrong and there is something like ‘Trig mode’ that I don’t know of. If you mean ‘Track mode’, thats the only mode I know of where mute/unmute operations for tracks are performed. I’ve tried it in that mode and it doesn’t work as it is supposed to according to the manual, instead it worked like described above.

TRIG is a track run mode accessible in the track options (2nd + TRACK). The three run modes are FREE, RELATCH, and TRIG.

TRIG means the track will play once and not loop

Thanks for explaining that! I have to admit, I’m far away from beeing an expert of all these machines. I remember having read about that mode, sorted it out right away, 'cause I don’t need or use it, didn’t remember the name anymore. Apart from that I’m talking about looping tracks, which we are working with all the time. In my understanding it’s the nature of a ‘play once’ track, that it starts by starting it and it stops right at it’s end.

For track muting/unmuting delays there seems to be a difference regarding the usage of the term ‘Bar’, as I explained above. I think, the 'Default Trackmute Delay’ setting also refers to looping tracks.

I think you might be misunderstanding how the Pyramid workflow functions. Every track always loops, so if you unmute a track it will start playing where it would be, it doesn’t start from the beginning by default. I might still be not understand you problem though.

Try it out.

Go create 2 tracks. Have one a regular 1 bar 4/4. And creat another fast, like 4/16 now put track delay to 1 bar mode.
You would guess that tracks get muted and unmuted now after 1 bar, as they are. But they actually all get muted in the 4/4 tempo.
Go into track mode, press DISP and try unmuting and muting the 4/16 track. It only does so when the 4/4 gets to its end.

Hope this makes it clear :wink:

Didn’t understand until I tried it myself, but I agree, that’s not how it should work.

Not to derail this thread, but shouldn’t there also be an option to mute at the end of the pattern?

Simply spoken: the ‘bar’ which is set in Seq/Perform’ is not the same as the ‘bar’ which is set in Track/Length. While the length is a whole bar (16 steps), the trackmuting delay ‘bar’ is actually a quarter of that = 4 steps or a beat.

So I could set it to four bars as a workaround, but it doesn’t work, because it doesn’t toggle (mute/unmute) in sync at the end of the ‘actual’ bar, which is set under Track/Length.

So I had an email conversation with Squarp, which wasn’t exactly helpful.

Seemingly I wasn’t able to impart the fact, that in Pyramid there’s a difference in the meaning of the term ‘bar’ in the ‘Seq’ settings (track mute delay) and on the other hand in the track length settings: the ‘bar’ in track length settings is a ‘bar’ meaning a ‘measure’ with a number of beats, usually four. In ‘Seq’ (track muting delay) a bar is always one beat (quarter of the ‘bar’ in track length settings, usually four steps) x1, x2, x3 etc. So obviously thats not the same. I was told, that the length of a bar/beat depends on the zoom setting.

Also the issue, that there’s no way to mute/unmute automatically IN SYNC to the end of a measure, or at the end of a loop, wasn’t understood or commented in any way.

I wasn’t aware of the obvisiously insoluble complexity of this subject and so far let rest this thread without any usable result.