Default track note

I could not find this in the manual, but I could of course have missed it.

Is there any way to change the default C4 note for a new track?

All drum kits pretty much are mapped starting with C2 on the kick drum.


Ok, I know this isn’t what you were looking for… because I feel like I’ve seen the setting you are talking about somewhere in the settings… but I think I might be thinking of metronome note… but this is what I can offer…

2nd plus two clicks of your master encoder down will get you there as fast as I’ve found.

Also, this is somewhat DAW agnostic… but I use it within live and drumracks to great success…

If you make two Drums tracks and put drumracks on both with both listening to one pyramid midi track you can separate your kicks and your upper percussion for really easy sidechaining.

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Thank you for the shortcut, certainly makes it faster!

I also made made a template project that i mapped up, so whenever i want to use a kit i can use the projects as a starting point.

Again thank you for the shortcut!

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