Default pattern length at track level always reverts to 16

I find it quite annoying that the default pattern length at track level is not applied to patterns. For example :

  • Set the default pattern length on a given track to 8 bars
  • Select any empty pattern for this track. the length is one bar

And also, when all patterns are deleted, the track default reverts to 16

I would consider that this behavior is a bug, Am I right ?

Hi @thx538

There is no “track default”. When holding the TRACK button, you gain quick access to the current pattern’s length.
To change the length of multiple patterns within a track, you might want to use selections in PATTERN mode.

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ok, thanks for the clarification

I would very much like there to be a way to set up in the misc settings menu, a line for "starting track length: 16, 32, 48, 64, 128, 256, 512… Now of course, there are the cultures that don’t observe duple divisions, but triplet divisions, like most of the South American Andean folk, that stretches from Ecuador down through Peru and Bolivia, and finishing both sides of the andes, in Argentina and Chile. All of which observe 3, 6, 9,12 sets, in their quarter note subdivisions.

This is why I would opt in favor of having it be a freely single digit numerical choice, rollling the main encoder through the “Starting TRACK step length,” where all the machine updates.

I will send you a case of Argentine wine if you push this up to the senior developers. We use 3 divisions per beat down here, not 4!

Just messin’ with ya. This machine is a miracle box that still hasn’t been discovered yet. Dominates all other Out of the Box sequencers.