Default octave - is it possible to change?

Hi there! Is it possible to change the default octave position on live and step mode? It always defaults to C4, and I can’t find any indication that this can be changed and stored. Thanks in advance for any help. :slight_smile:


No, but go to live mode tap “<“ or “>” to transpose octave desired then hit the key you want, back to step mode and it will remember the note chosen.

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Hey Daren! Thanks for your reply. Would be great if they implemented a default octave setting. Seeing as Ableton’s drum rack and Simpler in slice mode typically default to C1, it would benefit my workflow to set C1 as the default octave when starting a new project. I might have to make this a feature request.

With drums and other limited range instruments, using custom note definitions makes octave default largely moot.

Hi pmatilai. Thanks for your advice. Are you referring to custom definition files? I don’t think this principle applies to slice mode in Ableton Simpler, which always starts from C1 - and the number of slices is defined on a per sample basis. I can see how it might work with Drum Racks, but as I convert to Drum Rack from Simpler, I would still have an identical slice layout, and I may remove and reposition slices. Could you elaborate (or link to more info) if you’re referring to another solution, please? I’d love to know a flexible workaround. Cheers.
EDIT: Changed ‘slices’ to ‘slice mode’ to clarify this is a state that defines auto key mapping of Ableton’s native Simpler plugin. In other modes, the root key is C3.

I’ve no idea what Ableton Simpler is or what it does, or how any instrument can always start at a given octave unless that’s the only octave it supports. In which case you could redefine the standard notes (with custom definition file, yes) to only cover the notes in C1 octave. Or C1-C2, or D3-F6, whatever. You get the idea.

Thanks for clarifying and I’m sorry for not being clear.

@ambiguser if you’re essentially sending midi from pyramid into Ableton to play a drum rack configured there, an option I have used in the past is to simply put a MIDI Effect device in the Ableton track that shifts the octave of the incoming MIDI before it hits the drum rack. I think its called the “Pitch” MIDI Effect device.

This can get a little confusing later though if you forget that you had it there, but it is easy enough to just shift a whole MIDI pattern up or down octaves after recording it than it is to remap your rack.

@pmatilai suggestion is also good if you’re creating new patterns, but doesnt help much for patterns (Pyramid tracks) you’ve already built.

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Thanks @rdean150 for the reminder of the Pitch module. As soon as I finish a different project, my first task will be to enhance my pyramid ableton template project, and the pitch module will certainly help. I can just transpose it later on. Cheers!

I would also like this feature. I’m currently using a max for live plugin called midi wrap, but an actual option on the device would feel better.

[Edit: I now don’t really care if that option exists… I figured out how to change the octave in Live, and step mode, so my thinking on it is that it’s a feature that doesn’t need to exist once changing the octave clicks.]