Decksaver cover for Hapax

Just thought I’d mention as I have just order mine as they now have them in stock at the Decksaver website.


Could a decksaver for another mashine work? Don’t have mine yet to try.

Doubt it, unless they are the same lid dimension and don’t encroach the hapax knobs. Plus I would think you would want one per machine. I have multiple, though interestingly the Behringer TD-3/RD-6 covers are the same and so interchangeable. Which decksaver cover are you on about?

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Arrived these are brilliant dust covers and protectors (more so if your travelling anywhere with it )


I’m a big fan of decksavers. Surprised they have one for Hapax already. I’ll definitely want one before I travel with it.

Nice, mine’s in the mail :slight_smile:

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Another option: makes custom covers for virtually any device. I’ve got three already:

The Decksaver product is very cool, but if you want a consistent look for all your gear, Viktory may be a solution to consider. They ship quickly and deliver a quality product in a number of fabric thicknesses and colors.

I’ve already ordered one for my soon (hopefully
September) Hapax delivery.