Day 3: Bug Report filed

Got my Hapax 3 days ago, started working on a song. Got my patterns set, start trying to figure out song mode…and end up with an error. That says click encoder to exit, but clicking the encoders do nothing.
So I restart the machine. And now all the patterns for my track appear the same in the step editor…though they play the correct notes.

Edit: Weirdly while a restart changed nothing, reloading the Project seems to have fixed the issue with the patterns.

Bug filed, but not the most promising start.

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If it happens again, try to remove the knob and click the encoder without the knob on it. If it then works, it seems like your knob cap fits too low on the encoder shaft.

Some of the first batch units also had this problem, although Squarp did send new knobs to every owner to fix this.

If it still doesn’t work, it might be a software related issue indeed.

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I would also suggest try both sort or long press since some functions work on sort press(instant) and other longer press(slightly longer than instant).