DAW integration

I use the pyramid in studio as a midi effects box and router to all my hardware. It may seem like a crime but i like to just record midi chords from pyramid into cubase and then edit there, and send it back out to the pyramid to sequence my hardware with the pyramid midi effects.

Ive messed around with multi track mode and channel only mode to do this and theres an issue with both.

only channel 16: this almost works, where cubase can sequence hardware through the pyramid, and I can play the synth on the selected track, I just need to set the midi channel of the keyboard to ch16. However, all other incoming midi channels are are midi thru, thus bypassing the the midi effects.

Multi track: i can have pyramid receiving midi from cubase, utilize the effects, and sequence a synth. This is what I want. However, I cant switch to a new track while thats looping, and play another synth with my midi keyboard without changing the midi channel on the keyboard to match the selected track’s channel, which is a PIA. even when i only have bank in multi track, i cant play any track on bank A without the midi keyboards channel matching the channel of the track.

it would be great if these two settings could be combined so that you can actually have multitrack on, and any selected track receive midi from say “only CH16”.

Any one have a work around for this? Im trying to wrap my head around using a PC from pyramid to change the midi channel on my keyboard when a track is selected, but i dont think this is possible. Keyboard is an SL88 Grand

any input would be much appreciated.



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