Daisy chained Hermod question

Can someone elaborate on the benefits of daisy chaining 2 hermods via USB that’s outlined in the manual? Currently my Hermod receives clock from Pams via Pams Midi expander and then I input notes from a keyboard via USB. If I daisy chain my Hermod to a second Hermod via USB, will it pass the midi clock as well as allow me to use a single keyboard to input notes/gates/modulation on both Hermods? If so how does it handle midi channels? Currently I target tracks on Hermod by switching midi channels on my keyboard (midi chan 2 = track 1, chan 3 = track 2, etc). If I have 2 Hermods daisy chained what midi channel targets Track 1 on the second Hermod? Thank you.

that is a really good question…

usually what you expect for daisy chained modules, is that any midi message not processed by ‘that’ module, should be passed to downstream module. but Im not sure that Hermod has this concept… (apart for clock)

( the manual appears to show a separate midi contoller for the second hermod?)

but this would be a really cool feature though… defintiely one to send a feature request to squarp

in a similar regard I wished that Squarp integrated the Pyramid and Hermod more.

I think with the pyramid/hermod or hermod/hermod ‘chaining’ the other useful thing that be considered is connecting ‘sequencer’ changes i.e. if you change sequence on one, it changes on the other.

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