D16 Group - Nepheton (TR-808 Clone VST) Pyramid Defs and Nepheton Note/CC maps

Nepheton (TR-808 Clone VST) Definitions and Map Files

  • Load the def file into your Pyramid onto the required midi channel (default is 10 on Nepheton)
  • Load Nepheton
  • Open the options menu
  • Turn off all of the ticks on the ‘default’ side of the sequencer
  • Load the included note and cc maps into Nepheton (suggest to load them as the defaults at the bottom of those screens in the options menu)

Every Nepheton function is mapped to named CC’s and the note numbers are correct. As a side bonus, if you use an Arturia Keylab MKII the pads will map to the correct drum sounds in Nepheton too using these map files.

Download Nepheton here - free demo available. It is well worth the money, and on special at the time of posting this.

Download the Pyramid definition file here

Download the Nepheton note mapping file here

Download the Nepheton CC mapping file here