Cyclic mode doesn't perform as per manual

“when a new the note is received, the next free voice is allocated”

I’m running the Hermod as a four voice. If I hold down a note continuously and then play some other notes, when I’ve run out of the remaining 3 voices the held note is stolen, rather than cyling through the three unheld notes. This isn’t a “free” note so shouldn’t be stolen, right? That’s how I would interpret the description in the manual, but it is not behaving that way.

I would like the voices to cycle through that remaining, unheld notes only. Is it possible to have a new allocator mode that behaves this way - the way its described in the manual?

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Don’t have time to try this at the moment …
Does POLY mode do what you want?

I think this is what I use by default , and does what I expect …. that said it’s rare I do polyphonic patches with eurorack, don’t have enough modules or $ :wink:

If you think there is a bug , please report via contact form
Even if it turns out to be functioning as expected, there may be an opportunity to improve the phrasing in the documentation …. I don’t think it’s super clear at the moment.

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Thanks technobear. Poly almost does what I want, but that mode remembers a note if not all all four have been used, so it retriggers the same voice instead of cycling to a new one. I kinda want a mode in-between the two, I guess. I have a reason for this and it is to do with the ADSRs I’m using (L-1) which can have a gate and trigger used together, so that the trigger restarts an envelope fully, but this creates a click if the release is too long (and sometimes I do want a longer release). By using a different voice for the same note I can avoid the (tiny) clicks as the envelope retriggers because it can release fully while a new voice is playing that same note. I can just unpatch the trigger input so I only have the gate input, but it sounds different as I play. This is a specific issue for how I want to play with the particular modules that I have, so I know this isn’t an issue for everyone. But… the bottom line is that I want cyclic to perform the way it is described in the manual, because that would suit me best, and unfortunately, it doesn’t. I might report it as you’ve suggested. Thanks for your help, very much appreciate you taking the time to reply. :slight_smile:

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I’d definitely report it… as I think its important to find out what Squarp expect it to do…
this’ll define if its a bug or a documentation error. (and so possible feature request)

it does (to me) sound like a bug.
it’s odd I cannot see others reporting it… but I guess many of us mainly do mono on eurorack?

again, another reason to report issues … Squarp won’t fix something they dont know is broken :wink:
(and they don’t routinely monitor this forum, so may well not see this topic)

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