CV values out of Hermod not reliable?

What I want to do : to use a Hermod note track to control Rample:

  • on the one hand by triggering a sample via the sequence gate (e.g. gate output of Hermod track 1, gate input of SP1 voice on Rample),
  • on the other hand by controlling the triggered sample layer via the CV value of the note played on the sequence (CV output of track 1 of Hermod, CV input of voice SP1 on Rample).

I assumed that a sequence note in Hermod was associated with a given and invariable CV value. The idea was to know which note to play on Hermod to trigger which sample layer on Rample.
The kit I use on Rample has 12 sample layers per voice. In the Rample settings, I have set the layer mode to Manual (not random), and I have assigned the CV 1 input to control the SP1 voice layer.

But when testing each note in a Hermod sequence (repetition of the same note), it turns out that the sample layer triggered on Rample varies, while the note (and therefore the CV value) does not change! Most of the time the right layer is played on Rample, but sometimes (80% of the time I would say) it’s the layer just before that is played, sometimes it’s the one just after, randomly.

I tried to find the min and max note values corresponding to each sample layer on Rample, to play a median note as far away as possible from the notes/CV values where the layers change, but the result is not satisfactory: again the layer played on Rample can change in a totally random way.
I checked the settings on Hermod and Rample, I can’t find anything that explains these random variations.

Has anyone experienced this problem? How do you accurately control the layer played on Rample by CV?
Thanks for your help!

not something Ive tried…
( I dont really have a kit to test with … at least i think I dont :))

given the rample is +/- 5v, you have 10 octaves to play with, so each layer is nearly an octave apart (in terms of notes) - so it seems unlikely its a voltage issues, as you’ve got a lot of room to play with.
(compared to hermod playing an oscillator, where even fractions of a semi would be very obvious)

Its also surprisingly you say the result is ‘random’,usually things are wrong, bit pretty reliaibly (they are both digital systems after all)

Im wondering if there is something odd with timing between cv and gate…
are you sure your not hearing the previous cv value - this might indicate rample has not loaded the next sample?

not sure what to try, if you have something to slightly delay the trig that might be interesting.
also a sample and hold, to see if its locking onto the voltage once its stabalised.
but without seeing exactly whats going on hard to say.

if you have something like mordax data, watching on the scope the cv and trig might give you more info.

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