CV TRS capabilities (in sure, but out?)

Hi, I’m getting set up with a new-to-me pyramid and wanted to clarify something about the CV inputs/outputs. I understand the jacks in the Pyramid have both tip and ring connections (in addition to sleeve), which according to page 58 in the PDF version of the manual (settings > cv/pedal) means the Pyramid can receive two voltage signals through each of the CV and Gate input jacks by plugging a splitter (TRS male-to-dual TS female) into these inputs. Cool.

Question though: Can the outputs be used in the same manner? Searching on this forum seems to suggest this works, but I don’t see any mention of how to do so in the manual.

indeed the inputs are dual.

No, we are limited to the 3 outputs : CV/GATE/ENV

whilst I know there was some talk that the Pyramid also has TRS jacks for output…
however, the spec never mentioned it… and you’d think it would as having more CV would be a positive selling point.

similarly there is nothing in the OS which supports/suggests more than these 3 outputs.

you could always check this with Squarp for a definitive answer.

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Thanks for the thorough reply!

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