CV Scaling not good

i just tried to play my Prophet-10 via CV and noticed the scaling is a bit off and cannot be corrected in the Pro-10 the lowest note matches (wich is a C5 ) … but already C#5 is wrong and plays also C on the Synth. The highest note C9 is offset to a B … but i could adjust this in the P-10.
But on the way from C5 to C9 almost all notes are offset quite a bit.

Is there some way to calibrate the CVs?

to be sure nothing is wrong with the P-10 i tried the same with the OXI One, there the scaling is close to perfect.

From the manual:

How to calibrate the 4 CV outputs

You can fine tune Hapax’s 4 analog outputs in order to get a very precise note pitch:

Hold encoder ⑦ encoder while powering on Hapax: : “CALIBRATE VOICE 1, ADJUST -4V” must appears on the screen.

With the help of an accurate voltmeter and a patch cable, measure the CV1 output and rotate the menu encoder to adjust the output voltage (-4.00V).

Click the menu encoder to select and calibrate the next voltage (-3.00V). Repeat this operation for each CV values (-2.00V, -1.00V, 0.00V, 1.00V, 2.00V, 3.00V, 4.00V).

Once you calibrated all the voltages for CV1 output, the next CV output (CV2, CV3, and finally CV4) will be automatically selected. Ajust each voltages of this selected output, always with the help of your voltmeter and by rotating the menu encoder.

At the very end of this procedure, this calibration will be saved in the SD card. Then you can reboot Hapax and start playing with your CV outputs!

Tip: Hapax outputs -5.00V for a C0 note (midi note 0), -4.00V for a C1 note (midi note 12), -3.00V for a C2 note (midi note 24), …, 0.00V for a C5 note (midi note 60), …, 5.00V for a C10 note (midi note 120).


advice to myself:

Thanks anyway!

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thats why the lowest pitch of the Pro-10 start at C5

now everything is fine

the offsets per V are around 450-600

unfortunately the 5V can’t be adjusted to go slightly over 5 V… but i could compensate for that in the P10 settings

I have the same problem, my offsets were about 700-900.

The highest voltage for me was around -4.86 V and I couldn’t spin C10DAC Offset to any value greater than 0.

Yay, glad I found this :slight_smile: My CV voltages were all approx 0.15v low, which was causing some head scratching as I had re-tuned my oscillators, but was trying to use the Pitch input on Beads and it was sounding terrible! :face_with_spiral_eyes:
5 mins of knob twiddling to set the offsets and now we’re in business!


FWIW my calibrated CV outs also top out at 4.86V. It’s not that big a deal but it sure would be great to be able to get the full 5 octaves.

Edit: this is going into Modbap Osiris that expects 0-5V.

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Same here,

My outs where quite out of range.

I cant get over 4.84V on a C10.

Anyway to sort thisc out, maybe a future update to compensate?