CV over effect parameters when changing patterns

I have a chance effect on a channel, the “chance” parameter is modulated by CV A, changed CV in to range 0-5V.

Sending 5V to CV A makes the channel play 100% of the time, sending 0V makes the the channel play 0% of the time (muted), works fine, so far so good. The problem is what happens when I start changing patterns (all patterns have the same setup of a chance effect with the chance parameter modulated by CV on the same channel:

  1. play pattern 1, after a while send 5V to CV A to “unmute” the channel
  2. switch to pattern 2, after a while send 0V to CV A to “mute” the channel
  3. switch back to pattern 1: unexpected behaviour: the notes are playing, although there’s still 0V in CV A.

It seems like (either by mistake/bug or trying to be clever) the hermod “remembers” that the chance parameter of the chance effect in pattern was last left in a state of 5V and needs a cycle of 5V → 0V (falling edge) to change the chance parameter to 0%.

I really hope this can be fixed/changed so that the CV-ins are “re-read” and applied when entering a new pattern! Especially since it’s impossible to work around.

NB: This example is using the chance effect as mute, but as far as I’ve tested the problematic behavior is for all effects with parameters modulated by CV…

yeah, as far I can tell each sequence has its own state…
as you say, it’s likely the mod matrix is only activated when the CV changes, and not being ‘re-evaluated’ when you switch sequences.

seems reasonable it should revaluate cv since its ‘real time’…
Im a little surprised it doesn’t do this since cv is continuous, perhaps its got some kind of hysteresis to help reduce cpu, in which case that could probably just be reset on a sequence change.
I also wonder if the same is true of midi, which would be more problematic - hermod would need to save the last value, if the same switching sequence behaviour was required.

of course, needs a bit of consideration , since unlike the pyramid, a lot can be altered between patterns on the hermod ! (including iirc, fx and the mod matrix)

anyway, Squarp have requested that all bug reports / feature requests are sent via the contact form, this allows them to logged, and also to contact users directly when clarification is required - so Id recommend you log this via that form.

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