CV output voltage

Hi, I guess this is not a Pyramid “issue” but I’d like to control the VCO’s of my Moog Subharmonicon with the Pyramid CV track. It happens that the Moog expects -5/+5 volts (1V/octave) and it seems the Pyramid outputs 0/+5V on the VC output so I miss half the range. I couldn’t find a setting to change this so I guess it’s just the way it is… unless of course I missed something. I’m not a Eurorack expert at all, just having a couple of semi-modular devices so I’m not familiar with all the compatibility issues and possible solutions. Maybe someone could jump in and provide some advice here… would be appreciated!


yeah i would love a little helpful info here too. Im just diving into the modular stuff and was originally feeling like the pyramid would be a big part… but its not looking like it too much.
I guess thats why they make the hermod. :slight_smile:

often usb devices have a 5v output range (as usb is 5v)

you can’t really increase the range … you are fixed at 5 Octaves, but on the subharmonicon (well any modular oscillator) you can set what this is relative to … so are you going C0-C5, C3-C8, E1-E6 etc. ( * )

in eurorack you could potentially use a ‘scale and offset’ module (something like Beface AB+C),
then you would double the voltage and offset it by -5v.
unfortunately, that would likely not be 100% accurate, so you’d end up needing a quantizer as well.
(sorry, don’t know if subharmonicon has such ‘utilities’)

( * ) Im sure you knew this already - but I have to admit, early on with Eurorack I had more an ‘absolute’ view of v/oct … which came from midi and sequencers, only later did I start to see it more as relative.
i.e. C4 = 0v means transpose 0 semitone, D4=transpose 1 semi (1v/12)
at which point the range of CV became less important to me… 5v was a reasonable range.


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