CV Issues with Roland SH-09

I’m trying to connect my old Roland SH-09 via cv / gate and am very new to CV. I’ve connected the CV / gate outputs via 2 3.5mm patch cables --> mono to stereo adapters --> cv + gate inputs on my SH09. I’m not hearing anything after setting the track’s midi to CV. Very new to CV, am I missing something? edit: it does seem to work with my Keystep, so it must be something with the Pyramid?

no-one will ever tell you this is a good idea. But I gave been doing it for thirty years and I am still standing. Stick the socket in you mouth… if there is voltage it will tingle… once you have established that there is voltage you know that it is likely a setting. If not it is hardware. That would be my approach anyway

haha thank you! Someone on the Pyramid FB group found an article about the SH-09’s voltage requirements. The Pyramid sends a +5v and the 09 requires a +8.5v gate. Bummer! It works with my Keystep, which sends a +12v gate. But I need my keystep to act as a keyboard for my other synths.

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