CV instability?

Has anyone else experienced CV instability from the CV out? When I select a track, and set the output to CV, then play notes, whether they are via midi, or on the Pyramid keys, the voltage is unstable. The notes warble a bit, when using the CV out to drive VCO’s, even after recalibration. It’s visible on an oscilloscope, and audible, regardless of what the voltage is (0-5v). This happens regardless of using the external power supply, or if connected to my computer. If using the CV out of your Pyramid, does it do this, or is it rock solid and stable? Is there some way to fix this?

Ok, so I guess it’s just me. I’ll contact the team directly.

Also, has anyone else had any weirdness with their X/Y pad not registering values across the whole thing? Does anyone know of a recalibration procedure for that?

I think my pyramid just began suffering from pitch instability via the CV OUT jack. I still need to do some actual measuring with an oscilloscope, but I was curious if Squarp was able to help you resolve this issue?

After further testing, it turns out that there is interference to the signal coming out of the “CV OUT” jack if I am using the “ENV OUT” jack to send “DIN SYNC” and I have a cable plugged into the “ENV OUT” jack.

I am running the latest firmware. I haven’t tried reflashing the firmware. I’ve gone through all of the settings hoping to find some way of resolving this issue, but I haven’t had any luck.

I’ll update this post if I ever figure this out.

Huh… I was doing the same thing. I’ll try testing it again with just pressure being sent to env out instead and see how that affects things.