CV inputs - Strange Behavior


I have a hermod and the CV inputs dont appear to function as described in the manual

When i assign CV inputs (either AB or CD) to a note track (any 1 - 8) the auto input monitoring does not appear as described in the manual for me.

From “Settings > CV Input settings” section of the manual online.

Note that when a CV signal is selected as an input, you will only be able to hear the incoming signal when the track is either empty, muted, or recording. Otherwise you’ll hear the recorded pattern.”

The cv and gate connected to either AB or CD is always being passed through to the track cv and gate outputs. It interacts strangely with recorded cv causing “Glitches” in the pitch, if pull out the cables while a recorded sequence is running there is a definite drop in voltage on the output (audible when driving osc pitch from any channel out)

I want to use my hermod to record random cv and gates from my sapel. The hermod not behaving as described in the manual renders it basically useless for me as a CV looper.

I have been able to replicate the same behavior feeding inputs AB/CD from a dark time externally and pressure points in the same case.

I have the most recent firmware, i have no midi or usb connected to the hermod.

Has anyone experienced any behaviour from their hermod like this or can replicate it? or am i just misinterpreting the manual?



You should report that to @squarpadmin directly. I reported something similar, an issue related to the CV inputs. In my case they are unusable at the moment. I wanted to use these inputs for simple cv to midi conversion then I discovered these “glitches in the pitch”. They’re also replicated at the cv and gate outputs, not only MIDI. I’m waiting for a bug fix.

Thanks for the response. I am in communication about the issue via the Squarp contact section on their website. I was just curious if anyone else had experienced this issue, or I was misinterpreting the functionality of the harmed based on my readings

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I hope they’ll solve this bug ASAP :slight_smile:

Yes, i have this as well

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Yes I remember having a similar issue when I would record some CV that was still being passed through whenn playing back the sequence, the only solution was to just unplug the CV in which was a bummer

When i unplug incoming CV it won’t go back to the initial setting, it drops at least an octave. The only way to make it go to the initial CV Is to switch off and back on again…i had this CV drop with incoming cv modulating it, since the very first OS. I figured this was because i tried to modulate with CV that was ‚out of range‘ or rather below -5volt. I work without a scope, wished i had 1 in cases like these

I think I misread the first post, my issue is different but related to the cv inputs as well: the cv inputs don’t track the voltage properly resulting in bursts of gates and midi notes… well, I hope Squarp fix that ASAP, the delay between bug fixing firmware updates is quite long unfortunately…

So with some communication from Squarp I have been told the manual is in fact wrong…

The hermod behaves as intended in regards to mixing the incoming cv with the outgoing cv.

frustrating to say the least, I bought the hermod based on my reading of the manual, believing it would make a fantastic multichannel looper for continuous and fluctuating voltage sources.

in its current and intended method of function it is unusable for these purposes, unless as “madeinspace” mentioned you just unplug the cv cables. For me thats an unsatisfactory workaround


Hi I have the same problem, I’ve been using Hermod like a voice allocator mode using the cv/gate inputs, 1 cv/gate input to 2 polyphonic cv/gate output, like the Intellijel Shifty module.
The pitch go wrong even with just 1 note, and the gate isn’t playing normally. The errors aren’t the same on A/B input than on C/D input.
I’ll email Squarp about that.

Do you guys have news on a bug fix ?

There’s a bug fix coming soon.


Great !