CV In to CC out trig

Hi I want to send out from Hermod to my Behringer RD8 drum machine and trigger the sounds via CV in from my modular.
The RD8 responds to Midi GM drum CC events… but I’m not sure how to translate CV voltage in to correspond to generate the correct midi CC output…
I’m quite new to both modular and Hermod but know my midi…
is there a CV voltage to midi note number table…? thanks

at first you say midi CC , then you talk about midi note numbers… which do you mean?

cv on hermod is +/- 5v.

midi note number = cv is 1v per octave,
by default on hermod C5 = 60 (midi) = 0v, so with +/-5v we have C0 to C10
( this default, C5 can be changed in the midi fx, root parameter)

to send midi out, you need to use the MIDI OUT (output) fx

if you want to send out CC, then this is done via MOD on the hermod.
so you set the cv input to MOD , then in the output module, you can select the CC number.

tip: cv settings allow you to scale the cv input range e.g. for unipolar cv

not sure, if this answers your question… as Im a bit unclear what you are exactly trying to achieve.
if not, perhaps give us a solid example of what you want to achieve.

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actually yes I meant CV in to trigger midi note out

basically I want to trigger my RD8 drum sounds from my modular CV sequencers rather than use the RD8 sequencer or Hermod to trigger drums via midi…
I’m considering modding the RD8 to accept triggers, but I thought first, surely Hermod can interface volt per octave to midi note numbers easily.

Right O, so if I sent - 2v using the output FX Hermod will send midi note 36 aka Kick drum in GM.
right… I’ll try that… just hope my sequencers put out negative V… or I’ll need to bring disting into the mix… :joy:

I’ll probably start with random voltage triggers and see what hits the RD8 with effect first…

you can use Hermod’s SCALE fx to transpose the note/voltage, into the range you require

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