CV in Randomly Stops working

I’ve been clocking the Turing Machine from hermod and then sending back stepped random pitch cv from Turing Machine into cv A and the pulse from Turing into cv B.
Then on that track, I set the scale so I can have a quantized Turing Machine output on one of my tracks.

When it’s working, it works super well and is great fun to play around with. However, at completely random times Hermod will suddenly stop sending the quantized cv out. I have to stop hermod and run it again for it to play again. Very strange. Some times it runs happily for 5 minutes and other times I barely get through 5 steps on Turing before hermod cuts out.

What have I missed here?

Current settings:
CV In Settings > Track 2 > CV/Gate AB
>Quantize Note > On
> CV In Range > -5v to 5v
Track 2 Effects > Scale
Then I send the cv and gate from Track 2 into my voice.

I hit run and its perfect. Lovely quantized Turing Machine output on Track 2 all perfectly in time. Then suddenly, even while hermod is still running, the voice stops altogether. Other voices running off track 3, for example, continue to play.

What’s going on here?

Not sure if this will fix it, but turn Quantize to ’On (Gate)’ instead of just ‘On’.

If that doesn’t do it, report the bug. Squarp are very good at responding and fixing issues.

I also run into this issue very often. Changing the Quantize option doesn’t fix it. Did you ever find out what’s producing this and/or did you file a bug report about it?