CV IN Analog Sync from Ableton

I know that someone on here is doing this with Bitwig successfully (Tight sync with Bitwig via CV IN) but is anyone using Analog Sync (CV IN MODE = CLOCK) to clock their Pyramid from Ableton Live? I assume this could be done with a small audio file of pulses for the clock (I’ve done this in the past to clock a modular) but I’m less sure if I could make an audio file that would work for the RUN/STOP on the GATE IN…

Why I’m wondering is that I have an ER-M Multiclock and I am thinking about getting a Pyramid. I’m curious if I might be able to get rid of the ER-M if I just clock my Pyramid from an audio out of my audio interface which I’d bring up to CV voltage level by running through my modular. If this results in my hardware synths and drum machines clocked from Pyramid being tight with Ableton, then I’d no longer need my ER-M which is an expensive bit of kit to just have sitting around.

Thanks for any thoughts on your experience with this!

I can report that analog sync from DAW didn’t work out for me long term. There were occasional flukes where the clock skipped a beat and Pyramid got out of sync. I even tried with the Bastl Klik before finally giving up and buying an E-RM Multiclock. So my advice is to keep the Multiclock if you already have it. It really is the ultimate solution for any hardware sync problem.

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Ok. Thank you. That makes sense. I’ll stick with the Multiclock which I do already have. :wink:

I went ahead and ordered a Pyramid in the meantime. Excited to fit it into my hardware flow!