CV i/o questions before I buy

Any Pyramid users please help me out…

Can pyramid sequence volt per octave CV with integrated portamento (without using a separate channel to control a slew limiter)?

Sequencing LFOs on CV out (preferably per step) ?

Gate length per step?

Convert volt per octave input to midi note data?

Can the envelope output send modulatable ADSRs or what exactly does it do??

The portamento thing is really vital… If this hasn’t been implemented they have missed a trick. I noticed the glide on the Hermod is not per step, which makes it pretty useless.

Thanks! I really like the look of the Pyramid but I need some more info and I’m also a bit scared by some of the bug reports on here! Pyramid team seems quite on it though??

About the portamento: I think you’re out of luck. It’s something I also really miss on the Pyramid and Hermod.

See also:

Thanks for the reply, that’s a shame cuz I just ordered one! I really hope a future OS update can implement this, it seems quite big to me. With midi it is more tied to the synth you are controlling. However with CV you should be able to create glides (with different shaped curves and timings) with impunity. That is the nice thing about CV, so to have it not implemented is a real shame. Having to separately sequence a slew limiter is inconvenient. Check out the voltage block, it is one of the few eurorack sequencers that can sequence glide per step. Although I didn’t enjoy sequencing melodies on it particulalry.