CV for MS 20 mini

What do I need to do in order to sequence my MS-20 Mini using Hermod?

Gate out from Hermod to MS’ Trig In (KBD) works fine. However, the CV out does nothing either to the VCO 1+2 CV In which is Hz/Oct neither to the TOTAL and FREQ Ins on the top which are V/Oct.

Is there anything in the settings that can do the job or do I need to get a CV converter?

Ignore me!

Sorted out, it works!

Hey Manos! but you needed an S-trig converter for that right? I’m trying to sequence mine with Hermod but there is a gate problem

well, its 3 year old topic, so I expect they have sorted it by now :wink:

but yeah, s-trig is the opposite to eurorack gates - goes low on trig, high on release.
you can buy converter cables, or make your own pretty easily.

( I guess if you also run a eurorack system, a logic module with inversion would do too)

Squarp could potentially invert the signal within the Hermod (digitally). but I don’t think there is an option to do that at the moment
so, you’d need to raise a feature request via the contact form