CV Expander on Product Roadmap?

Hey there - are there plans for an expander for the Hapax? 4 CV outs is a great start, but even just managing clock and run/reset signals takes 2+ of those outputs out.

If no plans - how do you guys manage? I’ve seen mention of the FH-2 + expanders as a path forward, but a dedicated hapax expander seems ideal!


Maybe add a Hermod as an expander? Just connect it to the usb host port of the Hapax :slight_smile:

A euro expander would be a dream come true for the Hapax!


Once I sorted out some workflow issues, the FH-2 and the Hapax are a good combination, for me!


+1 FH-2 is the way to go

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I use a couple of Mutant Brains. Works pretty good for me.

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CV.OCD is plenty

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which of these devices can provide higher than 7bit resolution on cv modulation output?

FH-2 + expander via USB-A works perfectly

The FH-2 supports 14 bit CC to CV.

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thats amazing news, i suppose usb has enough bandwidth for simultaneous modulation of many 14 bit automations? how well does it perform under stress?

edit: yeah it seems the fh2 module is a nice companion considering you can expand it with more cv and gate. i think ill pick these up. 14 bit control of cv is perfectly acceptable.

haha nobody is selling an fh-2

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It works very well, though you may need to adjust the interpolation rates down if you’re trying to do a lot of CC->CV conversions. I had done a stress test a while ago where I was running something like 36 difference CC-CV conversions while playing a number of notes and drum triggers, all through the FH-2. Originally, that would overload the hapax, resulting in dropped notes, but thankfully Squarp were very responsive to my bug report and they fixed the performance issue with 1.12 onward. Haven’t had any issues since then, and the FH-2 + HAPAX make up the heart of my system.


did they change priority to notes over automations i wonder.

i would probably use nrpn from hapax to cv since its 14 bit and fh-2’s cv generaton is 14 bit also so straight control. i wonder what the cv specs are on hapax…

that was my understanding yes; note on/offs are prioritized over CC changes

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how exactly do you create 14 bit CC ?

Quoted from the FH-2 manual:

Some of the FH-2 parameters use a 14 bit representation for higher accuracy: specifically, the Direct levels, the LFO Speed and the LFO Multiplier.
A convention exists for sending 14 bit values via MIDI CCs, using two CCs (of 7 bits each). The high 7 bits are sent on a CC in the range 0-31, and the low 7 bits are sent on the CC numbered 32 higher (which is therefore in the range 32-63). The low 7 bits are sent first. The FH-2 configures this automatically, if

  • one of the three 14 bit quantities is mapped to CC in the range 0-31, and
  • the corresponding low bits CC is not mapped to anything else.

For example, say the direct level on output 5 is mapped to CC 4 on MIDI channel 1 (as it is in the default configuration). Then CC 36 (36 being 4 + 32) on MIDI channel 1 is automatically mapped as the low 7 bits, unless that CC has been explicitly mapped to control something else.

Note that this doesn’t mean you have to control these quantities with 14 bit controllers. Sending a single CC to control the mapped value will control it perfectly well, just at a coarser resolution.

Should work well with the Hapax’ support for CC pairs.

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