CV Clock out not possible when using external midi clock source?

I set Gate 8 as my CV Clock out as before but now that I use external midi clock from a Digitakt (via midi cable, not usb) it doesn’t work. Is that normal?

Noone knows?

I clock Hermod from midi clock, and then use track 8 to send a clock elsewhere and it works great.
I also like to actually program steps into track 8, connecting the gate output to other sources (sub sequencers, etc) and manually change the clock settings in real time as it plays.

The external midi clock starts Hermod and then Hermod sends out the clock from Track 8 (or 6,7 and 8) to wherever I patch it.

Clocking from an external source should not be preventing your tracks from working. That is not normal as far as I know.

Silly questions:
Is track 8 muted?
Is the sequencer running?

Hm, the sequencer doesn’t start running, hadn’t seen that.

I have the DIGITAKT connected via MIDI cable into MIDI in on the Hermod through a Midi Thorugh box. Hermod set to external clock Midi. When I hit play on the Hermod it doesn’t start. When I hit play on the Digitakt the Hermod doesn’t start. When I hit play on the Hermod and the Digitakt is already running the Hermod also doesn’t start to play. So I guess it is my fault of not knowing how to configure this. What am I missing?

Couple things to be sure of:

Track Mode > Settings (Y)
Clock Settings > External

Master Clock Source
Clock Out On
Start Stop On

Now when starting the main clock source Hermod will start playback and your clock track will begin playing too.

Thanks! The Digitakt wasn’t configured to send MIDI clock. That was it!

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