CV Clock IN - Hermod V1.10-1.21 issue

This might be more of a personal subjective issue, but previously to my updating to 1.10/1.21 , the CV Clock in seemed to work in the manner where the track would keep playing, advancing a step per each pulse. However, now it appears that it does not.

Set to:

Clock Settings -> Clock Source -> a/b/c/d

CV Transport -> CV Play (Just triggers the play button upon pulse and resets when off, which just keeps it stuttering in one place)

I want to have the function back, where I can clock the Hermod via irregular pulses and have the track advance forward per pulse keeping it in sync.

I cannot seem to get it back to doing this with any of the new options, such as the CV transport option listed above or even having CV Transport off.

Am I missing something?