CV clock in causes Hermod to crash

Hi there, I’m having problems with the CV clock in. It’s extremely unstable and crashes regularly. Everything seems to work fine when running from the internal clock. Running on 1.021. Any ideas what might be happening? I’ve had sessions where I’ve been feeding it pretty erratic pulses and it’s been fine, and then in other sessions the play button doesn’t work if it’s receiving clock via CV.

Well, now playback seems to be working, but clocking my Octatrack is still extremely buggy. Pressing play will start the transport, but after a few seconds to a few minutes the Octatrack stops playing. Stopping and restarting playback gets things going again, but eventually the Octatrack stops receiving clock. I had this problem with my Analog RYTM as well, so I’m thinking it must be a problem with the Hermod.

Hi @twin_tone
If I understand, when you are slaving HERMOD with the CV inputs, Hermod playback is OK but your midi devices (slaved via Hermod MIDI out) are not working after some random time?

We never experienced this issue, I have some questions:

  • Do you clock Hermod with CV inputs A+B ?
  • Do you also use a START/STOP trig to control the play of Hermod ?

Thanks a lot!

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Thanks for your reply!

I’ll admit that it’s a bit of a weird way to clock, but I’m sending gates from Maths to CV A and then starting Hermod with the play button. So it’s slaved to a clock pulse but running from its own transport. Everything seems to start and sync up ok when I press play, but again, after a while the devices that are receiving MIDI stop running. The weird thing is that a few days ago I had everything running and synced for hours.

A new version of hermodOS is available, do you still have the issue?

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The issue is a little better, but I’m still having the same problem. The Hermod receives gates for clock through CV A. Clock is being passed through MIDI out to Octatrack, which is receiving clock and transport. Pressing play on Hermod starts Octatrack, but after some time (seconds to minutes), Octatrack stop playing.

Thanks for your feedback!

  • Do you have the same problem with other devices than Elektron machines?
  • Do you gave the same problem when sending a “standard”, continuous clock?
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Did Octatrack and Hermod clock/transport work out in the end? If I get a Hermod it’ll be for use with Analog Four and Octatrack… but been reading of some people having problems between Hermod and Elektron boxes…