CV channel of modulation track as accent voltage?

I have a Hermod dedicated to triggering drums. I’d love to utilize the the cv side of each track to send bursts of 5v occasionally to the accent jacks of my drum modules. I feel like this should be possible but I can’t figure out how best to program it in. I use a keystep to play in the gates for my drums. Hermod will record the pitch bend pad from it to the cv channel however inputting cv data this way does yield the right kind of ‘on/off’ 0 or 5v shape I need. I have a simple manual gates module that I think would work well for this purpose however it’s unclear to me how to get that pointed to the cv channel of a modulation track. Thanks.

first thing that comes to mind is to put an lfo fx on the track with sync on. programming accents with the cv out might not be ideal, cv is pretty itchy to program in my experience. if you’re recording the pitch bend from keystep try to set hermod to output 0v-5v in the midi fx instead of -5 +5v

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